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I’ve been on a nail polish kick for a while now and combining this obsession with my new found love for Etsy, I introduce GOOSE Nail Polish by Alexandra Stefani. Her products are of stunning quality, completely handmade in the UK and all cruelty free, at the amazing price of £3.50 per bottle, a rate difficult to find on the high street.

I chose four bottles from the GOOSE range - Gatto Nero, Blaqberry, Ariel and Keys (how amazing are the names?!). Expect posts on all of them, because I am in love.

GOOSE is perfect for nail lovers in search of something new. With a lovely range of colours, textures and sparkles there is most definitely something for everyone and every occasion. Easy to apply and long lasting, you won’t be disappointed.

Ships 1st class from London, UK and features some of the best customer service from Etsy I have ever experienced.



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